0.5m Pavement Traffic Lights For Smartphone Zombies


The Pavement Traffic Lights from GA company are 0.5 meters length, the equipment is designed not only to catch the eye of those who are looking down at their device, but also those who are lost in thought or distracted, enabling them to sense the change in traffic signals without looking up at the traffic light, thereby reducing the risk of traffic accidents. Apart from their unusual location, they work just like ordinary traffic lights: When pedestrians shouldn’t cross the street, the LEDs glow red, and when it’s safe to go, they turn green. The projects related to this device include Dutch, Italy, Poland, Australia, Isreal, Austria, Korea, etc.

System overview

The GA company Pavement Traffic Lights is a system that consisted of ground signals to work together with traffic signal lights on the pole, also needs a controller to program the signal work circle. It can also add the pedestrian push button or other related products. The system works independently and does not require a central software platform.


1) Easy installation to link with the existing traffic control system
2) Suitable to all intelligent traffic systems
3) IP67 certification, resistant to dustproof, waterproof and durable
4) impact resistant
5) Automatic synchronization with pedestrian modules without any delay
6) Low energy consumption
7) Fully operational in harsh environments and industrial areas

How to instal Pavement traffic lights
pavement traffic lights 01
Step 1

Mark the proper position for the lights

pavement traffic lights 02
Step 2

Milling the hole with 51cm length, 14cm width, and 8cm depth. Then clean the hole

pavement traffic lights 03
Step 3

Glue the pavement traffic lights

pavement traffic lights 04
Step 4

Connect the pavement traffic lights to the traffic signals, and remove the excess glue

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