3m Smart Integrated Pedestrian Light With Ads Display board

Encourage pedestrian safety at signalized intersections with GA pedestrian signals and pushbuttons. These integrated devices communicate information to facilitate the safe crossing of pedestrians.

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The integrated pedestrian light system integrates a blind tap system, push-button, ads display screens, camera, etc. The equipment has been carefully designed to ensure that compatible with any type of controller. The body is painted with yellow and black horizontal stripes to further enhance visibility and alert motorists that a crossing is ahead. It not only provides guidance for pedestrian traffic lights but also displays some traffic safety information. It is an important tool to strengthen road traffic management, reduce traffic accidents, improve road use efficiency, and improve traffic conditions, make people easily get traffic signals at traffic lights and cross the road safely. The equipment has a long lifetime and requires little maintenance.

integrated pedestrian light

Characteristics Of Integrated Pedestrian Light

●Blind voice prompt function:
The Integrated Pedestrian Light has 2 speakers on the right side and the sound is clear and stereo. At the same time, users could adjust the period of sound to reduce the impact on nearby residents at night. The voice content broadcasts according to the status of the pedestrian light, reminding passers-by to pay attention to the current traffic situation.

●Laser projection function: 
In the evening or in the weak light environment, the two sets of high-intensity laser projection lamps on the integrated pedestrian lights, will project the corresponding patterns on the zebra crossing in real not only beautiful and clear, but also could remind pedestrian of the not only beautiful and clear, but also could remind pedestrian of the current status of traffic light.

●Pedestrian running through red light trigger function:
The newly Integrated Pedestrian Light has integrated the pedestrian running through red light trigger function, and it is equipped with an infrared signal receiver at the other end. When pedestrian crosses the zebra with the red light on, the system will immediately detect the signal. There will be voice immediately reminding the pedestrian that “the red light is on, please return to the safe waiting area to wait for crossing the street”, which improves the safety of pedestrian when crossing street.

●Dynamically display real-time broadcast function:
The Display could broadcast the corresponding content in real time according to the current traffic signal status. Customers can use the fiber to connect Ethernet and do remote operation to modify contents or do real-time broadcasting of the contents.

●Accident prevention function:
The equipment has a secondary information provider that lets the pedestrians on crossing know the current status of pedestrian signal; improves the visibility and discernment of pedestrians signals at night.

Specification Of Integrated Pedestrian Light
  • Input Voltage: 85-265VAC
  • Power factor: >0.9
  • Pedestrian light Diameter: 300mm
  • Available Functions: push button/ blind tap sound/ ads display screen/ camera/ countdown timer
  • Height: 3m, other hight on demands
  • Color-Wavelength: Red 620~630nm, Amber 590~594nm, Green 503~508nm
  • Working Temperature: -40ºC ~ +80ºC
  • Rating: IP65 Weather Resistant
  • Housing: Metal
  • Working Humidity: ≤0.97
  • Average Life of LEDs: 80,000 Hours
  • Max power consumption: 250W
  • Ads display type: P10, other models on demands
  • Ads display color: full color or bi-color or single color
  • Ads display resolution: each model resolution is 32*16=512 pixel
  • Ads display model size: 320×160mm


Integrated Pedestrian Light Installation

The traffic control center and the on-site control unit are connected by optical fiber, and the communication interface of the control terminal is 10M/100M interface. The pedestrian signal light is driven by the pedestrian signal output port of the control unit. The traffic control center controls the eight displays on the intersection through the Ethernet to RS485 converter. Each intersection needs to be assigned two IP addresses, one for the control machine and one for the display.

Integrated Pedestrian Light Video